After studying Electronics, Business and Law he began working on new product design and then progressed to design management. He later moved on to international business development before specialising in patents and other types of Intellectual Property

John became one of the country’s leading industry based experts, on Patents, Registered Designs and Trademarks whilst working in multinational corporations and dealing with brands which are household names. He is also an experienced negotiator particularly in buying, selling and licensing inventions and setting royalties.

When he retired he set up a consultancy business. This focused on providing advice, patent searching and drafting and filing Patents, Trademarks and Registered Designs for both private Inventors and many different UK businesses. It was intended to be a part time business but was so successful that it turned into another full time occupation and amongst his clients were some of the best known brand names in the world.

A few years ago he cut back his consultancy work to part time. He also became a visiting lecturer to Wolverhampton University business students and lectured on Patents, Designs, Trademarks and how to use them to protect inventions, designs and new business ventures.

 John is an inventor with over 40 granted patents in 20 different countries, some have have resulted in products which turned over millions of pounds in sales.