Mick Thompson.

Inventor of the “Boaters Lockmate” a remote control system for canal boats making it easy to enter and leave a lock.                  Email is -  Mick.thompson@blueyonder.co.uk

Vinny Sagoo

Inventor of the “Clipsip” which is a unique clip for securing, particularly a herbal tea bag, to the side of a cup to enable a drink to be consumed whilst the tea bag is present.      

Email is - Vinny_sagoo@yahoo.co.uk      Web site is - www.klipsip.co.uk

Ian White

T-Spirit is a unique spirit level tool for electricians to use when setting electrical wall boxes, particularly with two boxes side by side. It controls the spacing and the level to ensure a neat installation.   

Email - Info@electric-ians.com      Web - www.electric-ians.com

Stu. Hampton

Inventor of the electronic infra red night sight for rifles which allows normal positioning and sighting of the rifle  Email is -   Stu.hampton@gmail.com                


Patent applications have been filed on all of these inventions