ADVICE members can submit their inventions/ideas online to BCIC for an opinion and advice as to practicality of the design or idea, its construction, how to best protect it or patent it and the options available to either license it or market it.

MEMBERS FORUM Any member who cannot attend may ask the Chairman to present their idea to full members at a normal members meeting held either in person or online and the Chairman will relay members opinions back to the member submitting the idea. The idea will not be shared with other associate members because of confidentiality.

PROTECTING INVENTIONS (Go to this section of the web site) Advice on matters relating to protecting inventions and Patents etc., is provided online free of charge and all services listed in the Protecting Inventions section are available online to all members.




DOCUMENT REGISTRATION Any member may submit single A4 sheet documents online for the purpose of establishing an origination date for evidence of Copyright or Unregistered Design Right. If the origination is challenged written support evidence is then available from the club.  

LICENSING Members may seek advice online about any aspect of licensing if you are about to negotiate a license agreement or if you are presented with a licence document by a third party then do not sign anything until you have submitted the document online to the club for review and comment.

DEFENDING YOUR RIGHTS The club will help you to defend your Intellectual Property so always consult the club online if you think someone has infringed your rights to any Invention, Design or Trademark. In some cases a simple letter to the infringer will halt the infringement or if you need to go further the club will advise you how to proceed and assist you through that process.     

Note — If you join the club to seek assistance with an existing problem, advice is free, but some charges may be involved if further assistance is required

LIBRARY DOCUMENTS The club has confidentiality agreements, business planning advice and sample licenses and “how to” guides available free online

PATENT SEARCHING members may request a free step by step “how to” guide on DIY patent searching which contains all the things you need to know to carry out your own free patent search online in the main world patent database.  


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